Garage 529

Keep your bikes safe in the 529 Garage - the largest community-powered bike recovery service.

The Downtown Safety Ambassadors, in partnership with Hub Cycling and Garage 529, have been hard at work protecting users bikes from theft. During June’s Bike to Work Week, the Ambassadors have registered 120 bikes into the Garage 529 database to help protect bikes from being stolen.

What is Garage 529?

Garage 529 is the largest community-powered bike recovery service. It’s a network of bike owners with a collective vision to deter and reduce bike theft.

The Garage 529 community includes over 400 law enforcement agencies, universities, bike clubs and bike shops around the world, as well as 529 users like you.

How are the Ambassadors involved?

One of the many services the Downtown Safety Ambassador provide is working with Garage 529 on deterring bike theft. The ambassadors can help protect your bike by applying 529 stickers, taking photos of your bike, and registering it in the Garage 529 database.

It is widely known that even the presence of the 529 sticker causes a potential thief to choose another target due to what the sticker represents. The design of the sticker makes it impossible to peel off once correctly applied, which in itself is a powerful tool in combating property crime.

If a 529 user’s bike is stolen, the individual can log the theft on the 529 website and/or app. An alert is then sent to all 529 users outlining the area the bike when missing along with photos of the bike and the owner for reference.

Register your bike for free

If you would like to learn more about Garage 529 or to register your bike, click the button below. 

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