The Nosherie

The Nosherie – a place where people gather in their shared love of food and good company.

About Nosherie 


The saying “quality over quantity” very much applies to The Nosherie. People are sometimes surprised by its diverse yet “smallish” menu. However, The Nosherie was founded on this basic principle: do only a few things, but do them exceptionally well. We’ve found it common for a person to try one sandwich and enjoying it so much they keep coming back for the same, completely forgetting that other sections of the menu exist. We encourage a broad sampling of our wares. One day you might desire a slow roasted pulled pork sandwich, served on a freshly baked and toasted buttermilk bun, topped with our own sweet spicy Vietnamese pickled vegetables, and the next perhaps a “to die for” simmered masala butter chicken sandwich. Whatever you order, you can be sure we’ve put energy and time into painstakingly preparing it even though we’ll deliver it to you ever so fast.

“Nosh” is defined as something to snack on; something to savour, and whether you engage in a slow, lovingly prepared roasted sandwich, a delicious hearty soup, a freshly prepared salad, or a simply divine cup of coffee, The Nosherie is intended to delightfully distract you, interrupting your day with taste sensations that are sure to make a difference in your day.

Behind the Brand…

Having been blessed as a spectator and the fortunate recipient of learnings from a dozen plus aunts tirelessly competing amongst each other, life-long, for cooking supremacy, and then having been kidnapped into the family restaurant business at the wee age of 16, Vic Yehia, The Nosherie’s “Infamous” leader, was groomed and inspired to achieve something great in the culinary industry (although he’ll always be second best according to his aunts).

Gifted with the innate ability to “speak food”, Vic set out to incite moments of passion through this universal language in those around him and created The Nosherie to touch the hearts and souls of foodies.

What’s on offer?

Breakfast items such as bennies, egg sandwiches, healthy bowls, and smoothies

Lunch items include salads, soups and most especially artisan sandwiches made with fresh meats and / or veggies.

We have a wide selection of baked goods, such as (muffins, cookies, tarts and the like, which all go well with tea or a delicious Elysian coffee. We also offer fresh juices, other non-alcoholic beverages, beer, wine and a selection of creative cocktails (also made with fresh juices and topped with artful garnishes).

Collaboration with the Ritual App

The Ritual is an app used for ordering take out and paying for it ahead. Users not only save time with it, but enjoy discounts through promotions such as $1 food fest and Eats Week. They can also earn points by picking up their coworkers’ lunches. For restaurants like The Nosherie, Ritual’s offering provides a lift in business it might not otherwise have had. To learn more about to app and to downtown it, visit their website

Opening Hours:

Monday – Wednesday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm and Thursday & Friday from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm.

Happy hour runs from 3pm to closing with beer and wine priced at under $5.


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