Alberni Street Redesign

Alberni Street has evolved over the years to become the preeminent luxury retail street in the City, which is now home to many prestigious high-end brands.

Having witnessed the change in the retail market and recognizing the public realm potential along Alberni Street, in 2018 the DVBIA engaged Hapa Collaborative to develop a Public Realm Plan and Guiding Principles for the redesign of Alberni Street. The DVBIA and Hapa Collaborative met with local business and building owners to gather feedback and local perspectives on the plan. 

On February 14, 2019, the City of Vancouver issued an RFP to select a design consultant for the Alberni Street Project. The Alberni Street Project will work to achieve the following key objectives:

  • Improve walkability, accessibility and safety;
  • Enhance the distinctive character of the Alberni Retail District;
  • Create inclusive public spaces for lingering and gathering of people of all ages and abilities, including spaces to sit and socialize, for all seasons of the year;
  • Create spaces that encourage community events and programming;
  • Support local businesses and street level activity; and
  • Explore opportunities to clean and reduce storm water runoff.


The Alberni Street Project work will begin in 2019 with the report of the final design concept to be submitted in October 2019 (tentatively). The DVBIA will continue to follow the progress of the Alberni Street Project and will work with the City of Vancouver and our member businesses and building owners to elevate the quality of the Alberni Street public realm.