Our New Vice President

Celebrating our Vice President, Jane Talbot

Jane Talbot joined the DVBIA in October 2017 as Director of Operations covering a maternity leave, and it was clear from the beginning that she would leave a lasting legacy. 

Jane has taken the time to get to know her entire team, understanding and appreciating the way that they work. Her open door policy is a strong reminder that she is always there to lend a guiding hand. From paperless payroll to a new policy and procedures manual, in her short time with the DVBIA, Jane has already implemented an abundance of practices that allow our operations to run smoothly. 

It was officially announced in December 2018 that Jane would be staying with the DVBIA in the role of Vice President. Charles Gauthier, DVBIA’s President and CEO could not be happier with the decision: 

“I’m so pleased to welcome Jane to the DVBIA team. Her combination of skills, experience, positivity, and proven track record as an accomplished Human Resources professional were all compelling reasons why I wanted her to assume the role of Vice President. She has made a significant contribution to the DVBIA since joining us in late 2017, and she will continue to do so as the DVBIA enters the next decade.”

From the entire team at the DVBIA, we congratulate Jane on her new position and could not be more excited to continue working with her for many more years to come.