Granville Spotlight – Donnellan’s Chipper

Business owner Shaun Donnellan gives us the rundown on Granville’s newest Irish fast food restaurant.

First off, tell us about the name – who is Donnellan and what is a Chipper?

Donnellan is the surname of the family that runs the Chipper – A chipper is what a fast food restaurant is called in Ireland (Irish family owned and operated) “Donnellan’s Chipper” = Donnellan’s fast food.

What sets your menu apart from other eateries in the neighborhood?

Unique dishes that you will not see anywhere else (battered sausages, battered burgers, garlic fries, curry fries), our specialty fries are handmade in-store every day and are one of our signature dishes. Our curry sauce is imported from Ireland. We’re the real deal! We have an Irish Chef with years of experience in the Irish food industrs

What attracted you to the Granville Street location?

Granville Street is the heart of downtown Vancouver and bursting with business opportunities. It is also located a few seconds walk from Donnellan’s Irish Pub also owned by the Donnellan Family. 

Is there any other news you would like people to know about, such as upcoming promotions?

We have daily specials such as ‘Make it a Meal Monday’, ‘Toonie Tuesday’, ‘Fiver Friday’ and ‘Saucy Sunday’.

Address: 1224 Granville Street

Phone: 604-331-4302

Donnellan’s Chipper is open Sunday to Thursday from 11 am to midnight and Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 4 am.

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