Member Spotlight – Inspire Dental Group

The team at Inspire Dental Group has opened their newest clinic at Lot 19. We speak with Managing Director, Jen Mackinnon on their practice, team and some top oral hygiene tips.

Tell us about Dental Inspire Group.

Inspire Dental Group is a team of dedicated dental professionals who love what we do. Together, we strive to build a strong brand based on absolute trust.  We do this by educating and empowering our patients to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. We want to make sure you’re fully involved in every decision regarding your dental care.

Why did you choose a downtown location for your practice?

We have found that there was a shortage of dental implant, cosmetic and full mouth rehabilitation services in the downtown core. With Dr. Kwong’s expertise over the last 30 years, we felt it was something we were able to provide along with all your other every day dental services.

Do you like being situated within Lot 19?

We absolutely love Lot 19! There is so much energy and vibrancy here that we feel super comfortable and inspired to come to work every day!

Who’s the team behind the downtown Inspire group?

We have the best team! Our senior dentist Dr. Kwong takes the lead along with the friendly and skilled Dr. Najia Bhimji. Angela is our dental hygienist and is one of the best in the biz.  Jen, our general manager, takes care of everything to ensure you have a WOW experience at each visit. 

What’s the number one dental hygiene tip that people might not know about?

Brush your tongue! Most people don’t realize how much bacteria lives on our tongues. Whether it’s to fight bad breath or just for good oral health, cleaning your tongue is so important.

How do people sign up and join the dental group? 

There are so many ways to reach us! You can call or email us or register with us by following this link and we will contact you!  We have an exclusive offer for you that you won’t want to miss out on!

Dr. Najia Bhimji

To learn more about Inspire Dental Group, or to sign up as a new patient, see contact details below. 

Address: 875 West Hastings Vancouver, BC V6C 3N9

Phone: 604.670.9700

Email: Downtown@inspiredental.ca

Website: Www.inspiredental.ca

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Photography: Mike Kossey 


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