BC Hydro

Looking to cut your energy costs? Let’s get started!

BC Hydro has partnered with BIABC to help BIAs and their members lower their electricity bills to keep overhead low and increase monthly cash flow. An easy way to see energy savings is turning off unnecessary lights when they’re not in use. By installing occupancy sensors to turn off lights automatically when space is unoccupied, you can save about 25% of the lighting energy.

If your business is considering upgrades to increase energy efficiency for lighting, HVAC or refrigeration, BC Hydro can help make it happen with our available incentives. Not only do these incentives shorten the payback period of your upfront investment, but they also decide to upgrade easy – helping you to reduce consumption, save on energy costs, and increase your bottom line. Last year businesses that upgraded to more energy-efficient technology saved an average of over $3000 on their annual electricity bill.

Visit bchydro.com/businessincentives to learn more.