Member Spotlight – HJ WU & Company Inc. (CPA)

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HJ Wu & Company Inc. (CPA) is a client-focused public practice charted professional accountant located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. We speak with Founder and Executive Director, Amy Wu, MBA, CPA (ND), CPA, CGA on her business, career path, and being a member of the DVBIA.

You are the Founder & Executive Director of HJ WU & Company Inc. (CPA). What was your journey like to get where you are today?

Even with the right credentials, experience, and leadership skills, it is never easy to start a business, more so and especially when you’re a new immigrant. But with the right attitude and being true to yourself to look after the best interest of your clients, your chances of succeeding outnumber “failures”. I put failures in quotes as it is a mindset that seems to hold business owners and entrepreneurs from trying new things. To quote Thomas A. Edison, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”. View your journey as an adventurous road trip full of twists and turns and blockages. We learn from every situation to make ourselves and others better in their situation. It is very rewarding to see our clients thrive when we work and engage with them for their benefit.

Along my journey as a business owner, I’ve met many encouraging people who have put their trust in the services I provide for their organization and industry including, audit review insurances, compilations, trust examinations, advisory, taxation, etc. It is because of my clients that I made the decision to move and set up a CPA public practice firm here in downtown Vancouver – an accomplishment in more ways than one!

Tell me about an accomplishment that shaped your career?

My experience as a finance and administrative manager for a large multinational company where hundreds of millions of currency are transacted daily, has given me confidence that I would be  not only be trusted to manage a large number of transactions but manage a group of people. This was the beginning of my goal to become an entrepreneur and open my own full-service CPA firm.

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Why did your business choose to become a member of the DVBIA?

Being a member of DVBIA has its advantages. Joining DVBIA enters our firm into a group that is dedicated to helping business owners and professionals grow in a number of ways. Briefly they are all about advocacy, networking, community connection, visibility, education, and promotion.

HJ WU & Company Inc. (CPA) is located at 890 West Pender Street. Why is downtown Vancouver a good place to work?

There many benefits of having an office in downtown Vancouver. They include a like-minded population, energy, millennial workers, convenience, built-in culture, easy access, brand recognition, and community. With an eye to the future, our decision was to get closer to our clients and the millennial generation.

To learn more about HJ WU & Company Inc. (CPA) please visit their website