BC Buy Local Week

Everyone loves the idea of buying local produce and supporting local businesses, but did you know that by doing so you are also having a positive impact on the BC economy?

What is B.C. Buy Local Week?

B.C. Buy Local Week takes place December 3-9, 2018 and is an annual celebration of local businesses and how they help the B.C. economy. The goal of the week-long celebration is to shine a spotlight on local businesses, products and services while educating the public on the importance of eco-communalism.

Purchasing locally sourced products is more than just knowing where your purchase has come from, it has positive impacts on both the local economy and the environment. 


As locally owned businesses make more local purchases, less transportation is required from supplier to store, and as a result, congestion and pollution are reduced. As well, many foods are transported from neighboring countries via air which consumes a dramatic amount of fuel. Buying local means you aren’t paying for full costs and are actively supporting clean, fresh air.


BCBuyLocal.com estimates that for every $100 spent with a BC local business, $46 is re-circulated back into our BC economy (vs $18 for multinationals) and local businesses re-circulate 2.6 times more revenue than do chain establishments.  For example, local retailers re-circulate 45% of their revenues compared to 17% for chains and local restaurants re-circulate 65% compared to 30% for chains.


Local businesses add a unique character to the community that chains do not and the employees who work in local businesses often have a better understanding of their products and the journey from farm to shelf. Moreover, rather than provide merchandise that is selected to meet national guidelines and sales, locally owned businesses often offer merchandise tailored to the desire of local customers which allows for unique items and more diversity.

If your local business would like to be featured on the “Stories” section of the BC Buy Local’s website, please contact the DVBIA’s Economic Development Manager, Gavin Duffus for more information.

For more information about B.C. Buy Local Week or to become a partner visit their website, here.