Construction has now begun on the new temporary modular housing site at 688 Cambie Street. This comes after the DVBIA expressed support for temporary modular housing in the downtown core. The demand for more housing and shelters is abundantly clear, and the most immediate need for housing is in and around the downtown core. In a recent survey, almost 75 per cent of our members told us that they felt that homelessness is on the rise downtown, so we are very pleased that the project at 688 Cambie Street is underway and will soon be available as a housing option.

The tenants of the modular housing at 688 Cambie will have customized health care and social service supports based on their needs. The central location of this site is in walkable proximity to a wide range of services that the tenants may require access to. For more information on 688 Cambie Street, check out this Daily Hive article.