For the very first time, National Geographic Live is bringing their top photographers, scientists and filmmakers to audiences around the world to share their breathtaking photographs, videos and stories, and on October 10, 2018, they’re coming to Vancouver!

With multiple shows and events over the next 8 months, Nat Geo Live kicks off the educational season on October 10th, 2018 with the infamous Spinosaurus. Leaving what you know about the Spinosaurus from Jurassic Park at home, this event takes a look at the largest predatory dinosaur known to man. Discovered in Morocco by German paleontologist Ernst Stromer, scientists will explain how this dinosaur’s remains were almost lost to man due to WWII, and aside from its size, what makes this beast unique from the rest.

In 2019, Nat Geo Live will host three more shows;



On the Trail of Big Cats
February 27, 2019
More info here.









Ocean Soul
March 12, 2019
More info here.








View from Above
May 7, 2019
More info here.





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