My Green Space

In a continuing effort to be more sustainable in all that we do, last February the DVBIA partnered with My Green Space, offering a limited supply of garden kits and 1-hour workshops on how to use them for our members. My Green Space is a company whose vision and mission is to help millions of people experience the benefits of growing their own food. They do this by providing offices, homes and rooftops with a garden to grow their own food.

We touched base with the team from the Immigrant Employment Council of BC on their experience with their office gardens and how they enjoyed the workshop. Here’s what they had to say:

“So excited about our little therapeutic corner of the office!”

“Every office deserves a garden!”

“Can’t wait to tell other office teams to do this! Thanks to you MGS and the DVBIA.”

“Thanks so much for coming in help us to ‘green’ our office!”

“The planter looks great and people seemed very engaged!”

“Thank you for coming to our office and doing the wonderful gardening workshop! The meeting room is now everyone’s favourite space.”