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This year the DVBIA gave SMAK our Sustainability award

This year at AGM, we had a brand new award that we were very excited about. In recent months, we began to notice, more than ever, our members’ outstanding efforts in sustainability. We saw businesses adopt environmentally-friendly practices, setting the tone for their colleagues in the downtown core. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that we had many businesses to choose from when deciding who would receive our first annual Sustainability Award.

With so many inspiring and innovative members to choose from, this year’s Sustainability Award went to SMAK.


Owners of SMAK


SMAK is known in Vancouver as purveyors of healthy fast food. Their name means “tasty” in many languages, and it’s definitely reflective of the food that you find within. With two locations in the downtown core, you’ve hopefully had a chance to try their delicious, healthy fare, including salads, curries, and smoothies, among many other offerings.

But beyond their amazing food, SMAK’s values are to provide meals that are local, compostable, and above all, sustainable. Whatever you order from SMAK comes in a completely compostable container. They are striving to become a zero-waste facility, and we are so proud of their efforts. They even grow their own herbs and greens, and provide education and awareness about sustainability with each of their healthy meals.