May 7, 2018 will mark the return of Vancouver Design Week (VDW), a week-long celebration of world-class local design talent born from a wide variety of disciplines. Inspired by Vancouver’s most impactful designers, artists, architects, creators and spaces, VDW invites attendees to take part in thinking about design on a global and sustainable scale through a variety of city-wide workshops, events and activities.

The celebration’s full schedule of events and showcases are to be nestled among some of the city’s most vibrant districts including Downtown, Gastown/Railtown, Lonsdale, Chinatown, Armoury and Mt. Pleasant and UBC. The official interdisciplinary design festival holds IMPACT as its central theme and will be held from May 7 to 13 at some of Vancouver’s most evolved and unique spaces, studios, firms and ateliers.

From talks to tours, exhibitions to workshops to a variety of exciting parties, design from all disciplines will open its doors to conversations, installations and celebrations of all scales, uncovering the unique design ecosystems that shape, define and sustain our city. At VDW, design process, practice and perspectives are showcased through a wide range of independent and collaborative programming.